China Yangtze River Economic Belt  
Environmental Protection Expo 2019  
May 8-10, 2019  
Chongqing International Expo Center  
a Comprehensive Display Platform  
for Your Potential of Innovation  
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Ministry of Ecology and Environment  
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Yangtze River Economic Belt is China’s economic and active center,  
and also an important support for the survival and development of the  
Chinese nation; which covers eleven provinces and cities such as  
Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing and so on, and the area is about  
2 million 50 thousand square kilometers, and the most important is that  
the GDP is more than 40% of our country.  
Your Participation  
Is More Valuable Than Ever  
As a trading expo for China Yangtze River Economic Belt Environmental Protection  
technology, YREP EXPO is the leading platform and event for environmental protection  
technology innovation in Asia. As an exhibitor, you are a very important part of the global  
resource, and you have made valuable contributions to the continuous improvement of the  
environment. Your participation at the event to offer technical support and showcase your  
excellent product, not only is an important task but also a major challenge in terms of global  
environmental protection, resource allocation and recycling. The market in China needs  
more technical solutions and strategies than ever before. Your valuable innovation will help  
protect the world for future generations. Show your products, innovations and strategies at  
YREP EXPO and illustrate how you can contribute to a sustainable future.  
April, 2018, President Xi do an on-the-spot investigation of repairing the ecological environment of the Yangtze River.  
Sufficient Reasons for Success  
With Full range of Exhibits  
Leading International Trade Expo  
YREP EXPO covers the entire value chain of the industry:  
water and sewage treatment, water and water conservancy  
construction, water supply and sewage treatment systems,  
waste management and recycling, air pollution control,  
environmental services, analysis and laboratory technology,  
and education and research.  
YREP EXPO fully demonstrates the value chain of water  
technology, air treatment, solid waste treatment and other  
environmental fields. To Be Pioneering, Comprehensive,  
Authoritative and Innovative.  
Gathering of Key Players in All Sectors of  
the Industry  
High Standard Support System  
YREP EXPO gathers the whole industry trading professionals  
from all over the world, who are engaged in water technology,  
atmospheric treatment, solid waste treatment and other  
environmental protection and management areas. This is the  
best place to develop the Greater China business.  
YREP EXPO sets lots of communication opportunities.  
During the specialist keynote presentation and panel  
discussions, the speakers will share hot topics and insights  
with you.  
Exhibiting Scop  
Environmental protection technology and equipment  
Water and sewage treatment technology; solid waste disposal; air pollution control; municipal sanitation  
technology and equipment; noise and vibration control; soil and ecological restoration and protection;  
environmental monitoring; green finance, environmental investment and financing; environmental services.  
Energy saving equipment  
Innovative technologies and equipment, high-efficiency energy-saving products, clean energy and  
energy-saving services such as industrial energy-saving, building energy-saving, civil energy-saving, and so  
on. The achievements of circular economy and green development models and achievements of  
demonstration cities, demonstration parks and demonstration enterprises, etc.  
Resources recycling technology and equipment  
Tailings resources, industrial waste, renewable resources, remanufacturing, and water resource conservation.  
Major Business Activities  
More Concurrent Events  
Conference on Technology Application of Sludge Treatment, Disposal and Resource Utilization  
Workshop on Comprehensive Treatment and Remediation Technology on Urban Odorous Water  
Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Exchange and New Product Promotion Conference  
in Yangtze River Economic Belt  
VOCs Pollution Control and Monitoring Technology Conference  
Professional Support,  
Perfect Preparation.  
We will support you to be successful in the exhibition.  
Offering all kinds of support to ensure your success in YREP EXPO, such as booth design and  
construction, advertisement onsite, we provide a wide range of service options with the aim to enable  
you to fully focus on your business and customers.  
Media Dialogue  
During the preparations period for the exhibition, we provide an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to  
convey their message to the media in the form of an exclusive media dialogue to be held on 8-9 May  
2009. Exhibitors can work with the international trade journalists and release the latest innovations to  
stimulate the interest of medias. This is an excellent opportunity to attract attention with high value of  
international news.  
Chongqing International Expo Center  
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